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Got a vegan-friendly product you’d like reviewed? Cookbooks, food, and other goodies are welcome, as long as what you send fully vegan… just be aware that I’m one person, so it may be a month or two before a review gets posted. The review I post will be honest; I will not shill for a product just because it was sent to me for free. So be prepared for criticism. Please contact me contact me below for a mailing address. (If you have the old PO Box, please do not use that any longer.)

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Spammers made this stupid web form necessary. But that also means you’re more likely to actually get a response from me since I won’t have to wade through so much crap! If you’re offering to write a “guest post” for the blog and I don’t know you already, I’m not interested.

Just so you know, I’ll probably ignore any attacks but I’m always happy to answer questions or take suggestions. And I love when people tell me how great I am. Sometimes I fill out this form myself and just say, “Ryan, you’re great. Love, Ryan.” Now it’s your turn.

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