Generation V


Even though the blog has been around since July of last year, I didn’t come across Generation V until Veg Blog visitor Brandy pointed it out to me a week or two ago. Site proprietors Chris and Tammy have also just started a podcast worth checking out. Their most recent episode features audio from the PETA 25th anniversary gala that you’re not likely to find elsewhere.

The vegan blog community continues to grow!

Vegan Lunch Box

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Now here’s a neat idea for a blog: Vegan Lunch Box is a photoblog that features pictures of Jennifer’s son’s lunch box. The kid’s first day of school? He got sushi!

I dream of the day when I can pack my kid vegan sushi in his lunch box.

Podcasts Galore


One:: Erik Marcus is back from a two-month hiatus from his Erik’s Diner podcast. He’s moving to a weekly format, which I think will work out well for him. Also, be sure to buy Meat Market. A review is forthcoming (and would have been here by now if it wasn’t for that nasty hard drive crash I had last month).

Two: Our pals over at VeganFreaks now have their own podcast as well. I’m in the midst of reading their new book, Vegan Freak: Being Vegan in a Non-Vegan World (official site). It’s like Living With Meat Eaters for my generation (whatever that means). It’s a good read so far. A long review, again, is forthcoming.

Three: An Animal-Friendly Life has just started podcasting, too. Haven’t listened to it yet, but will be checking them out this weekend, as I’ll be doing a lot of driving. There is no associated book that I’ll be reviewing, but I feel like I should say “forthcoming” anyway.

I have a podcast, too, but it has nothing to do with vegetarianism. I did a segment for Erik’s Diner once. That’s kind of close, right?