If you haven’t checked them out recently, both Josh’s Editor Blog and the Herbivore Group Blog have kicked back into high gear after an extended silence.

I’m glad both blogs are rolling again… I love it when companies, particularly small ones, blog openly about stuff going on behind the scenes. Pictures of George the dog, shipments of new shirts as they come in, new design ideas, updates on the storefront… it’s all a great way to connect with readers and customers. It reminds people that Herbivore is not driven by nameless, faceless drones. Trust me, Josh has a face. I’ve seen it!

Issue 12 is on its ways to the printers. I can’t wait to see this issue up close and personal. It’s the “activism issue” and I was lucky enough to get the cover story inteview with Spearhead’s Michael Franti. Lots of other goodness in that issue as well. Now, get to clicking.

Vegan group blogs

I’m having trouble keeping up with all the great vegan blogs that have popped up recently, and when you’ve got group blogs like the new one at Vegan Freaks and Lantern Books’ SuperVegan, it’s clear what I need to do: quit my job and spend 13 hours a day reading vegan blogs and visiting vegan forums.

Veggie Pregnancy blogs


There are two vegetarian pregnancy-themed blogs I’ve been meaning to point out:

  • Knocked Up Vegan is the best weblog title I’ve heard in a while. Dating back to September of last year, the baby is due any time now. This blog’s strength comes from how personal it is, sometimes to the point I feel embarassed for reading it. Good luck, Miriam!
  • Veggie Pregnancy has lots of great recipes and an ongoing compendium of facts important to those experiencing a vegetarian pregnancy. There is some non-vegan stuff in there, but not enough that vegans should turn away. Good stuff.

Any other blogs by pregnant vegetarians that I’m missing?

Vegan.com podcast hijacked

In a really frustrating turn of events, Erik MarcusErik’s Diner podcast has been hijacked. I had to re-read the description of what happened a couple of times to get it, but boy is it a doozy. The idiot that did this is right down there in the same social caste as spammers.

Bottom line: if you’ve subscribed to Erik’s podcast through Itunes, the most current episode won’t be his when you download it. You can go to vegan.com to get the real episode. Until Apple/Itunes straightens their directory up, you may want to unsubscribe from his feed on Itunes and sign up for Erik’s reminder e-mail list to be notified of new shows.

I best the podcast hijacker eats meat.

Sarah’s Travel Blog

Don’t know how I missed it up to this point, but Sarah Kramer’s 2005 Book Tour Blog has been going for a few months. Of course, it’s a good read and she’s going to continue writing there even with her tour now completed (damn it! I missed her in B’more).

I got a copy of Sarah’s latest, La Dolce Vegan, to review. Huyen and I have made a bunch of stuff from it already and loved it all, so expect a glowing review to appear here soon.