Howard’s Vegan Soap


In my pre-veg days, I just bought the cheapest soap on the shelf.  In college, I think it was Jergen’s soap that was 99 cents for three bars.  Eventually, though, I got tired of the chemicals, the animal tallow, and how the soap seemed to disappear way too quickly.

I became a soap nerd.

An interesting thing about running this site is the stuff I get to review.  I get cookbooks, threepackfood, and, now, soap, thanks to Howard from Howard’s Vegan Soap.  And I’m not ashamed to admit I look forward to trying new soap.

Howard’s comes in three varieties: cinnamon, liquorice/poppy seed, and basil/lavender.  All three contain natural, food-grade exfoliates.  The cinnamon one has the most intense feeling exfoliate, actual pieces of cinnamon stick ("great for rough, dry skin, eczema, or psoriasis").  The poppy seeds and dried basil act as milder exfoliates in the other two soaps.

The soaps all smelled wonderfully gentle, not overpowering and I’ve gotta say, the rough exfoliation that the cinnamon bar provided felt really good.  My naturally dry skin definitely benefited.

Howard’s site has a lot of great information about his soap-making process and why vegan soaps are better for your skin as well as the animals.  One thing I learned: soap companies will actually add chemicals to make their own product deteriorate faster.  Well that explains why I went through so many bars in college…

So, consider this a recommendation.  If you prefer buying from vegan businesses, you’ll want to add Howard’s Vegan Soap to your list.

You’ll also want to check out Howard’s new project: Vegan Jobs Online [Note: no longer online -ram].  The site is aiming to become a central location to find vegan-owned businesses whether you’re a consumer or a vegan job-hunter (the only type of hunting permitted by The Rules of Veganism).  Though it’s still in its infancy, it’s off to a good start.  Keep an eye on it.

July Herbivore now available

The latest online edition of Herbivore Magazine is now available. Check-check it out if you’re a subscriber (and if you’re not, you should be).

I have one piece in this issue, a piece of humor co-written with Josh Hooten titled “ BestiaPass: Wash away your vegan sins, it’s easy!.” The idea is like TerraPass for vegans. Say what? Here’s an excerpt:

Offense: Stepping on an ant.

Offset: Pour something sweet on the ground to attract more ants. This will accomplish two things: it will ease the surviving ants mourning and benefit the ant community at large as you’re providing nourishment and a safe place to grieve. Ideally you will do this somewhere other than where you killed the ant in the first place to avoid more senseless death at the hands… no… feet… of otherwise kindly souls… no… soles. Bonus points for using agave nectar so as to extend your circle of compassion to include diabetic ants. Extra bonus points if you hang around for at least a half hour redirecting any foot traffic that may be headed for your grieving pile of shitfaced-on-agave ant mound.

Other articles include “Meet Tally and Darcy,” a piece by Deb about two of the elder stateshorses at Poplar Spring, an article about Dutch AR group Wakker Dier, and a load of recipes.

New Ad

As you may have noticed, I’ve replaced the Google Adsense ads over in the right sidebar with an ad for the Sustainable Energy in Motion bike tour.  If you’re a vegan biker, this looks like it would be wicked fun.

Adsense is gone for a while (no more Omaha Steaks ads!), though I’m toying around with the idea of reviving it in the RSS feeds, because it’s generally pretty unobtrusive there.  Feel free to tell me this idea sucks.

Invisible Voices


I’ve been meaning to plug the Invisible Voices blog for a while now.  It’s run by Deb, who I met for the first time this past weekend at Poplar Spring.  Deb does all sorts of activism, from leafleting to writing letters to writing some really well thought-out entries on her blog.  And, oh yeah, she’s an amazing photographer as well (check out a lot of her Poplar Spring and Peaceful Prairie photos on her blog).

It’s really amazing how many great vegan blogs (and blogs by vegans) have popped up over the last few years.  When I started the Veg Blog, there were no others that I could find.  Now there’s so much amazing stuff out there to read, no matter what stage of your vegetarian/vegan journey you’re at.

Rock on, Deb, and keep up the great work.

Help an artist out

A short while ago I mentioned Veronica, a vegan artist with some interesting projects in the works. Veronica dropped me a note today and asked for me to get the word out: she needs some help collecting receipts for one of her new pieces:

The walls of a room will be completely covered with thousands of receipts so the viewers will find themselves surrounded. The food products that contain animal derived ingredients will be underlined. Shopping receipts are the proof (real, symbolic and legal) of what we consume, an activity that has a underestimated effect on non-human animals. Supply and demand. Daily actions and their repercussions.

Here’s what she needs:

I’m asking people to please collect receipts from supermarkets and other food stores and send them to me by postal mail. I already have hundreds but I need thousands!

  • They must contain primarily food products.
  • I need both vegan receipts and non-vegan ones.
  • It doesn’t matter if they are wrinkled, dirty, badly printed, or what country they are from.
  • Make a small pencil mark on the side of the products listed you know are not vegan.

If you’d like to help out, visit her site and drop her a line. You get some goodies if you participate, too.