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For some reason, the regular Daily Links haven’t been posting the last few days. If you’re fiending for your fix, head over here to see them.

Quick site update


Hey y’all… I’ve been a bit quiet recently, so I wanted to do a quick update.

First of all, I’m really starting to dislike this temporary design for the site. Expect a new (hopefully more permanent) version of the site shortly.

Secondly, I love Portland. Right now, I have my slave out picking up some vegan waffle sandwiches with maple spread and garden sausage from a food cart. Even if I don’t live here, a piece of my intestinal tract always will.

Thirdly, yesterday I met Julie Hasson, one of the three chefs on the new Everyday Dish DVD. We just met over e-mail recently, but it was nice to catch up with her in person and eat some food she made. I also got to meet and chat with the legendary Chad and Emiko from Food Fight. They were very excited about doing laundry.

More soon, including lots of pictures and restaurant reports from this trip to Portland. My slave is back, so I’m going to go eat.

Answer me this


Why am I seeing so many trolls on the site these days? The anti-veg crowd really seems to love visiting (and commenting on) this site. I just can’t understand the mindset where you’d waste time getting purposely riled up with people you apparently hate. I mean, I don’t subscribe to a single anti-veg or pro-meat feed and lord knows I’ve never wasting my time commenting at one of their sites.

I dig alternative viewpoints, but some of these folks seem to have flown in from way out in left right field.

Resources and recipe correction

Last week, I quietly re-launched the resources section of the site. I’ve cleared out some old links, added a bunch of new ones, and slightly reorganized it.

Also, I’m slowly trying to re-launch the recipes section of the site, this time as a regular part of the blog. Of course, I went and made quite a stupid mistake on my first new recipe post for Terribly Tasty Teff Pancakes. I called for ground coriander when I meant ground cardamom. Coriander in pancakes would probably be pretty foul.

Sorry if any of you tried them as listed. My bad.

New Ad

As you may have noticed, I’ve replaced the Google Adsense ads over in the right sidebar with an ad for the Sustainable Energy in Motion bike tour.  If you’re a vegan biker, this looks like it would be wicked fun.

Adsense is gone for a while (no more Omaha Steaks ads!), though I’m toying around with the idea of reviving it in the RSS feeds, because it’s generally pretty unobtrusive there.  Feel free to tell me this idea sucks.