The New Veggie Anthem?


I’ve been a big fan of this song ever since it came out a few years ago (and a fan of the producer and vocalist for years before that). Sure, it perpetuates the myth of pigs being “unclean,” but still, you’ve gotta admit this is one of the catchiest vegetarian anthems in recent memory:

WTF, Wu?


A friend sent along a link to the Fila Wu-Tang Weathertech Boot, a new piece of Wu-branded footwear.  Wu-Tang’s an unusual group in hip-hop, in that several members are either vegetarian (Rza, Ghostface Killah, Raekwon, Masta Killa) or have spoken out about animal issues (Gza).  So, for half a second I held out hope that they worked with Fila to produce a vegan shoe.

No such luck:

For this second collaboration, the Wu-Tang Weathertech boot was inspired by the classic Fila boot silhouette and features an oiled suede upper, molded rubberized vamp, d-ring lacing system and padded ankle collars.

So, even though I’ve been a fan for 17 years, I’ve gotta give a boo to the Wu for their latest venture.  (And an extra boo for Rza’s gross-sounding Rza Burger.  Fried egg, mayo, and butter?  Pass.)

Lisa: Lacto-Ovo No More?


Lisa: Vegan?

Does this screenshot from the latest episode of The Simpsons prove that Lisa’s finally gone vegan? Level 5, maybe?

Tease this, you comic idiots


Today’s Blondie:


Yeah, haha.  Nothing like secretly serving a dead animal to a vegetarian for humor!  Tee-hee… so funny!  How about we chop off your arm and serve it back to you, on the sly, tough guy?  Just so we can tease you!  “Haha, you ate your arm!”

I hope Blondie punches them both in the nose in the next panel.

(No, I don’t really take this seriously.  I mean, it’s Blondie.  But after this limp attempt at humor, perhaps I’m a bit touchy.  I am, after all, a humorless vegan.)

Eat to Live


It may not be explicitly vegan, but the video for Talib Kweli’s “Eat to Live” hits a lot of the right notes: