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I thought it had been a few weeks since my last post, and I chalked it up to a summer vacation from the blog. Then I looked and realized my last post was at the end of July. Yikes.

I have a bunch of longer posts lined up to get things back into gear, but let me just start you with an amusing dream I had the other night.

I was hanging out at Food Fight chatting with some folks there about how I was thinking about moving to Portland (in real life, I’m not, but if I were moving to the west coast, it would be my first choice). Then all of a sudden, Chad comes over and drops an almost cartoonishly large ham hock in my lap. I almost jump out of my seat, but then realize that, of course, it was a giant vegan ham hock. A mock hock, if you will.

Hey, they carry vegan haggis, so it could happen!

The Dog Sack


Woa, man… I sincerely hope no one ever actually bought this product:

fail owned pwned pictures

(via failblog)

Asi = Harpo


Last night I dreamt that a food critic came over my house and was critiquing some simple potato dish that I’d made. He said it was uninspired and plain, and examining the ingredients, said, “It seems you don’t like meat very much.” I told him I was vegan and he gave me that knowing look, like, “Ah, that’s why your food sucks.”

He proceeded to make me feel bad about my cooking before I turned the conversation by asking him who his favorite vegan cookbook authors were.

“I like… Oprah.” I stared at him, confused. “Oprah… Chandra Moskowitz. Her books are really good.”

Maybe this means we’ll see Oprah giving away free samples of Cast Iron seitan to her audience in 2009?

Sarah Palin grants an interview in front of turkeys being slaughtered


I’m sure this will be all over the place (if it’s not already, I haven’t checked), but here it is… Alaska governor and former vice-presidential candidate Sarah Palin being interviewed in front of turkeys being slaughtered:

This is one of those videos that you can’t watch without your blood pressure rising. Gov. Palin’s patented cocky attitude combined with painful irony starts right from the start, where she describes how running for office is “brutal” at the very moment that a turkey behind her, on camera, is being slaughtered. Blood covers the machinery and ground and a few seconds later, the limp-bodied turkey is carried off-camera.

Then, another turkey is brought in, struggling as she’s slaughtered. Gov. Palin spouts off about how “neat” it is to be able to “promote a local business” because “you need to be able to have a little levity in this job.”

She adds, “[It’s nice to] participate in something that isn’t so… heavy-handed politics that invites criticism. Certainly we’ll invite criticism for even doing this, too.” Gee, you think?

Gov. Palin ends with, “But at least this was fun.

Absolutely sickening.

(Thanks to Alex for the tip-off.)