A 7-year-old’s take on veganism

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(After a few weeks of the “Good and Bad” posts, I’m rethinking them a bit. They didn’t quite work out as I’d hoped. So for now, we go back to regular old posts, reviews, etc.)

Love this video of a seven-year-old discussing veganism. Vegan kids are often isolated from other vegan kids and I think videos like this (with comments turned off!) help. At 4 1/2, my little girl really looks up to kids that are six or seven, so she loved this video.

Yay, Marielle!

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  1. windycityvegan

    LOVE! I have a four and a half year old at home, and we’re at a point that she’s starting to look outside her immediate family for other vegans. I’m really trying to stop her from being bossy and judgmental, and to take a more objective approach when speaking to her peers. Oh, she is such a bossy little thing (which is better than having her cow tow to peer pressure! But, still). I look forward to showing this to her.

    “If there’s something on sale that says $2.99 and you buy it, then you’re still eating junk and dead animals.” Love it.

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