99 Cent Vegan Guide

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Back in my early days of begin vegetarian, Erik Marcus was one of the first vegans I talked to and met up with. I remember meeting him for a breakfast in Ithaca when my wife and I were in town visiting Farm Sanctuary.

Erik’s always been one to try new things in terms of book promotion. A while back, I remember him giving away free PDF copies of his first book, Vegan: The New Ethics of Eating. And now, he’s drastically dropped the price on his most recent book, The Ultimate Vegan Guide. The paperback price has been slashed from $14.95 to $8.95 and the Kindle price has dropped to a mere 99 cents!

Getting a 99 cent book about veganism onto a family member’s Kindle should be a great way to plant the seed in their mind. It should be interesting to see how this experiment of Erik’s works out.

A 7-year-old’s take on veganism

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(After a few weeks of the “Good and Bad” posts, I’m rethinking them a bit. They didn’t quite work out as I’d hoped. So for now, we go back to regular old posts, reviews, etc.)

Love this video of a seven-year-old discussing veganism. Vegan kids are often isolated from other vegan kids and I think videos like this (with comments turned off!) help. At 4 1/2, my little girl really looks up to kids that are six or seven, so she loved this video.

Yay, Marielle!