This Week’s Good and Bad: May 7, 2011

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photo: Nancy Rokos, Burlington County Times

The Good

This week I read about an “animal sanctuary” (the reason for the quotes will become apparent soon) in the town I grew up in that was caring for a baby Vietnamese pot-bellied piglet that had been hit by a car only a couple of miles from my parents’ house. The original driver had hit and run. A second driver stopped and put a sweatshirt over the piglet (but apparently left her behind, oddly). Then, a representative from the sanctuary came and got the little girl.

The sanctuary found a local vet to help out and is picking up the associated bills. A local restaurant (that is about as far from veg-friendly as one can get, but…) is holding a fundraiser.

Good stuff from back home.

The Bad

That “animal sanctuary” that’s helping out? They have another fundraiser event coming up.

A barbecue.

After looking around their site and seeing they dealt primarily with dogs and cats, I realized that this barbecue wasn’t likely to be very vegan. But, to confirm, I wrote to them to ask. “Quick question about your barbecue fundraiser – should I assume that’s going to be a vegetarian barbecue?” I wrote, giving them the benefit of the doubt. “I assume so since you’re an animal sanctuary and rescued the pig that was hit by the car, but I wanted to check and make sure…”

They wrote back shortly after explaining that the barbecue had been delayed while they searched for a different venue and that, “But no, it would not be a vegetarian bbq. All of our staff except for one does eat meat.”


Listen, I understand that even sanctuaries that actively promote veganism don’t have the luxury of only employing vegans. But when you’re holding a fundraising event while also taking care of a pig, it might be nice to, you know, not serve dead pigs.

Frustrating and disappointing.

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  1. Melissa

    I hear you. At a conference on Friday, a shirt was given away for a trivia prize, and on the front was a person kissing a cow (this was completely unrelated to food!), and on the back it said, “different but not less.” People clapped wildly. I whispered to my coworker who just went vegeterian – how many of those people, clapping like maniacs, eat those cows that aren’t ‘less’? Total disconnect.

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