Vegan Halloween

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For the past few years, we’ve taken our daughter around the neighborhood to trick-or-treat for Halloween. Of course, the majority of what she gets isn’t vegan and she’s fine with our agreement of “we’ll swap out the non-vegan candy for vegan candy.” But I like the trend I’m seeing this year of vegan Halloween maps, allowing people to search for others in their area that are handing out vegan (and/or allergy-friendly) Halloween candy.

No Trick Treats! is taking the project on a national level with an easy-to-use (and add to) annotated Google Map. They also provide a few links to stores where you can order your candy if local stores are limiting you to a few crappy “accidentally vegan” options. Apparently, there will also soon be “printable maps for your neighborhood” available. Hopefully this site will stick around in coming years.

Compassion Over Killing is accepting additions to a DC-specific area map. VegDC‘s link points right to the aforementioned No Trick Treats!, so I’m not sure if there will ultimately be a separate DC map from COK or not.

Food Fight Grocery posted some info on a vegan Halloween map in late September. I’m not sure if that map has materialized just yet.

Feel free to add any other favorite Halloween resources. Only 11 days left!