Animal testing and “experts”


From “Q&A Experts and Studies: Not Always Trustworthy,” an interview in Time with David Freedman, author of Wrong, a book which focuses on how wrong “experts” and “studies” usually are:

What about studies that involve animal testing and take what they study on animals and apply it to humans? Is that really an effective way to determine what we should eat or what cancer treatments will work?

There are some things we just can’t study on humans because it would be incredibly unethical. Of course, it’s a much debated question of whether it’s ethical to study on animals too, but putting that question aside, clearly it can really help science move forward to do animal research. However, the fact of the matter is, the majority of animal research does not translate well to human beings, and in spite of the fact that scientists love to point out that we share anywhere from 90% to 99% of our genes with different types of mammals, we know we’re really different than mice and we’re even really different than apes. Again and again and again we see that drugs and behavior and almost anything you want to look at in animals turns out to not apply well to human beings. So, yes, it advances basic science to ask these questions, but does it result in good advice for us? In general, the answer is no.

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  2. lwaxana crighton-hara

    right you say it is unethical to tetst on humans,which it isnt because obviously if it is unethical to test on humans it is unethical to test on animals,and it is ok saying they arnt in pain,but everyone knows they are in pain you just test on animals because they cant tell you that they are in pain which is why you test on animals.

    testing on animals is WRONG and they are treted like crap i have the pain and mess you put the animald through and it is not humane.if you want to test why dont you test on humans what have done things wrong(criminals),people what have done things wrong like murder,robery,rape ect…… may teach them somthing.

    places like proctor and gamble and uniliver should be humiliated in a horable way they may stop then.


  3. cari


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  5. Sophia

    HEllo Veg blogger!

    I know you appreciate the unnecessary abuse animals silently endure and I am writing because I need your help.

    I am struggling to get this petition off the ground. I am hundreds of people short of any recognition. I know you have many many contacts and this is a great cause and I would love it if you could help by perhaps sharing my petition or signing it and putting it on you website.

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  6. Josie

    I am trying to not buy products that are tested on animals but i not sure how to find out is there any logos on products at the store that says it is not tested on animals? If so what does it look like?

  7. Respect and Connect

    Always buy cosmetics bearing the leaping bunny logo!

    If you help animals, please write your story for Respect and Connect

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