RIP, Amina


We lost our sweet girl today.

We will miss you so, so much, Amina. Thank you for picking us and sharing your life with us.

Taken in February of this year.

Daddy with his Daughters
October 2009. This one is one of my favorites.

Family at Barktoberfest '09
At Barktoberfest (an annual reunion/fundraiser for the shelter where we adopted Amina), October 2009.

November 2008. Thanks to Natala Constantine for this great shot.

When we first met Amina at FOHA, May 1, 2005.

7 Responses to “RIP, Amina”

  1. Eric

    Warm wishes to everyone. Glad you have so many fond memories, and records of those memories. How’s Rasine taking it?

  2. ryan

    Thanks, Eric. Rasine’s actually taking it the best of all of us. Kids at her age are naturally more accepting of impermanence and can absorb a loss easier.

    It’s been tough because I was out of town when it happened and being separated from your family during a time like that is difficult for everyone.

  3. girl least likely to

    oh, ryan, i didn’t realize when i commented on facebook that you aren’t home right now. :( now i’m double-sorry all over again!! many, many hugs.

  4. Echo710

    Oh, Ryan, I am so sorry… I know that it’s impossible for me to say anything that actually *helps* (or even anything that doesn’t sound like a cliche, although I promise that my empathy is deeply sincere).

    Your life and Amina’s were (and are) so wonderfully enriched by having been shared with one another. The world is better off thanks to you and your family having opened your home (and your heart) to your beloved friend.

  5. Crystal

    I’m so sorry to hear about your sweet dog. What’s really coincidental is that I live out in the country and when I was dropping my trash off at the transfer station, the lady that works there told me that a couple of nights ago someone stuffed what she thinks is a bluetick coonhound puppy into her mailbox. When she left for work in the morning she just so happened to open the mailbox to put a letter in there for the mailman to pick up and found it. She said this little puppy was really lifeless and she thinks it exhausted itself trying to get out/crying for help. But, after a few days, she’s nursed it back to health and it’s a happy little puppy. She said, unfortunately, people dump animals on her road all the time because it’s really far out into the country.

  6. ryan

    Thanks again, everyone. It’s been a tough week and I feel like the grieving process still has a while to go.

    Crystal — that is so sad. I mean, how lazy do you have to be that you can’t find a home for a puppy and you stuff her in a mailbox (or just let them go) instead?

  7. Krista

    I am so sorry for your loss. I hope your heart wounds are healing well and that you can remember all the love and happiness Amina brought into your lives and you inter her’s.

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