The teat tweet


A dairy farm in Canada is tweeting for their cows.

The 12 cows are part of the “Teat Tweet” project, tweeting “about their lactation cycle and robotic milking activities.”

I say this is a good opportunity for some activism. I dropped a note to Freeride Speedy:

@FreerideSpeedy It must suck to keep giving birth and then having your babies and milk stolen. Don’t worry: some of us out here respect you.

How about we all adopt one of the dairy cows and tweet words of encouragement? Here are direct links to their twitter accounts. And let’s use the hashtag #dairysucks.

2 Responses to “The teat tweet”

  1. Lisa K

    If I knew how to use Twitter, I would totally bomb those pages. That’s ridiculous!

  2. stacey

    I love this, and I’ve started…

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