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I did an interview over at Paw-Talk. Hopefully I didn’t come off too jerky!

What do you say to people who argue that vegetarians don’t get enough protein?

This may sound a bit snarky, but when someone says that, I know that I’m arguing with someone who doesn’t know what they’re talking about.

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  1. Evz

    RIGHT??!! I keep trying to think of a polite/ friendly way to say ‘You clearly have no idea what you’re talking about’… Best I’ve got so far: ‘I think you’re not speaking from an informed position, about human nutritional needs’….

    But, well, since I’m usually pretty ANNOYED at this point, since this ridiculous topic has been just done to death, in my (and EVERY veg*n’s!) interactions w/ uninformed omnis, it probably still comes across as *exactly* what I actually mean (you obviously have no clue what you’re talking about)… I *want* to play nice with the other kids, and generate positive dialogue with omnis about the veg life; but geez, this is a stupid question! Sometimes it’s hard pretending otherwise. (sigh!) I’ll keep working on it. ;-)

  2. Jamie

    LMAO! I’m going to use that response from now on. I just want to hand those people a copy of The China Study and move on.

  3. Gwenn

    Ha! Isn’t it frustrating? Everyone seems to have an opinion about the vegan/vegetarian lifestyle. I just smile and explain various sources of protein, over and over, and over again. I am consistently “informed” that excluding all animal products is ridiculous because it doesn’t hurt a cow to give milk. I love when I am told that I should use leather because “it will just go to waste anyway”. The funny thing is, I don’t give people my opinioin unless they are genuinely interested, yet I have to listen to people I barely know tell me I am misinformed. It’s amazing.

  4. Ivy

    “But is it possible to listen to a blogger who didn’t even turn vegan until his 29th birthday?” Really? I didn’t go vegan until I was 41 and I know plenty of vegans whose elderly parents finally went vegan at old old ages. I didn’t know there was a perfect age to go vegan. It’s a good thing I don’t listen to Ava over at Paw Talk or I’d have to start eating animals again LOL.

  5. Evz

    Funny, isn’t it, how backwards the stereotype of the ‘preachy vegetarian’ is? I NEVER comment on what friends/ coworkers are eating; NEVER say, ‘You know, I think it’s unnatural for humans to eat a meat-based diet,’ or ‘Did you know that you’re eating too much protein, which can cause heart disease & osteoporosis?’ When asked about my meat-free plate, I often just say ‘Love my veggies!’ or similar, and change the subject, just to keep from getting dragged into the whole discussion (about where I get my protein, for f***’s sake!)…

    However… I get told o-so-frequently and loudly — by people who literally have *no* idea how much protein, calcium, whatever a human being needs, or which foods contain it! — that (a) I’m making food choices *all* wrong, and (b) they’re insulted by the way in *which* I’m doing it wrong. The argument seems to go, “Vegetarians shouldn’t try to tell everyone how they should eat; but *I* can tell everyone how they should eat — just like me! — ’cause otherwise, they’re wrong.”

    :-/ Hard to argue with that kind of ‘logic’!

  6. Maria

    I agree completely with the comments above.

    I only recently changed to a vegetarian/vegan diet and co-workers and family members are so concerned I am not getting the right nutrition. If I had fast food hamburgers and french fries every day, would anyone ask if I was getting the right nutrition? Completely insane.

  7. ItalandVeganWorld

    Don’t really have to answer.
    One day they will know what there missing!
    I always say flesh should’nt be eaten!
    Ital is Vital

  8. Mike

    One response to these folks might be to point out that cows, pigs, chickens etc., in their natural habitats do quite well being vegetarians (most of the time). And they all do quite well producing the nice animal protein that meat-eating humans love.

    The logic that these individuals use goes something like “it takes animal protein to make animal protein” – which of course isn’t true.

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