Italian slaughterhouse photos


If you have any friends or family that still eat meat, you may want to share with them this award winning set of photos from inside an Italian slaughterhouse (WARNING: extremely graphic and disturbing photos). The first photo is shocking, a butcher shot from the neck down holding a decapitated cow’s head by the horns.

But the second photo is the one that really struck me. It’s a photo of three lambs looking in a doorway at three skinned sheep hanging from by their legs. It reminded me a lot of the Corridor of Death video that Gary Francione pointed to last year. The image of animals witnessing what will be their ultimate fate is a sobering one. Put yourself in their place and imagine the terror and despair. And now imagine that happening every second of every day, whether the animals come from a factory farm or whether they come from a “humane” meat operation.

Keep fighting the fight. For them.

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  1. Dirk

    Wow. It hurts, really physically hurts, to look at those. It makes me exceptionally happy to be raising my daughter in a veg household.

  2. Krista

    How sad. And animals are aware of the death around them. When I was living on my family’s farm we would butcher pigs. The pigs that were butchered last, the ones that witness the horror of seeing their brothers and sisters die, their “meat” was spotted from the hormones pumping through their bodies. It makes me very, very sad thinking back on it.

    And I hope that I’m not overplaying my “I used to live on a farm,” but I’ve noticed it to be a useful tactic when coming across hostile omnivores.

  3. jon law

    Those pictures are awful, that one with the horrified pig particularly so. Horrible, shocking stuff.

  4. Charlotte's Vegetarian Blog

    It is so tough to think what some animals have to go through in their life. To actually have to sit there and watch their family and friends get slaughtered is horrible. I equate it to the Natzis.

  5. Caitlin

    I agree, Jon, even though it wasn’t the most gruesome, the photo of the pig looking at the camera was one of the most heart wrenching. He looks so scared and confused.

    And the lambs looking at the skinned sheep is hauntingly allegorical. Isn’t there a saying about lambs led to slaughter?

  6. jon

    get a grip we are meant to eat meat thats why we have teeth its called being human !!!!

  7. ryan

    Oh yeah. I forgot that all those herbivores eat by gumming their food.

  8. lionel mandle

    my dear friends,GOD made man master of all his creations.let us be thankful for his provisions,i agreè with jòn.thank you.

  9. Animal Armor

    Veg is not the solution dear, we have to go Vegan. Meaning to tested products, no wearing, eating or drinking.

    Many don’t know but dairy is responsible for veal/baby beef. The calf can’t have a single drop of milk, otherwize how they will sell milk? They are slaughter, the mom too when she is ‘useless’, they cry when separated and the mom is kept pregnant all the time, suffering loosing her babies each time.

    Egg chickens are kept in cages where they can’t even have the basic for any living being like a simble stretching. They are kept in two in tiny cages and one dies on her side living it really unsanitary and dangerous to consume eggs. The ‘unworthed’ baby chicks are baked alive and then fed to the big ‘worthed’ ones.

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