Review of Our Farm: By the Animals of Farm Sanctuary

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Children’s books about animals can either be really awesome or really depressing. The ones that teach children about animals’ personalities and their individual likes and dislikes are great. The books that make fun of them or end up making light of things like eating eggs or bacon are pretty evil.

And there’s a new breed of books coming out that are explicitly vegan-friendly, like Maya Gottfried’s Our Farm: By the Animals of Farm Sanctuary. Maya’s fun (but not overly cutesy) poems are a perfect match for the paintings and sketches by Robert Rahway Zakanitch. The animals featured are all actual residents (past or present) of Farm Sanctuary.

Rather than go into any further detail myself, I thought I’d get some help from Rasine to review this book. Here’s the audio (with some sections edited out for brevity and clarity):

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You heard her. Go buy a copy! (And become a fan of Izzy and Morty on Facebook, since they came up in our discussion.)

Italian slaughterhouse photos


If you have any friends or family that still eat meat, you may want to share with them this award winning set of photos from inside an Italian slaughterhouse (WARNING: extremely graphic and disturbing photos). The first photo is shocking, a butcher shot from the neck down holding a decapitated cow’s head by the horns.

But the second photo is the one that really struck me. It’s a photo of three lambs looking in a doorway at three skinned sheep hanging from by their legs. It reminded me a lot of the Corridor of Death video that Gary Francione pointed to last year. The image of animals witnessing what will be their ultimate fate is a sobering one. Put yourself in their place and imagine the terror and despair. And now imagine that happening every second of every day, whether the animals come from a factory farm or whether they come from a “humane” meat operation.

Keep fighting the fight. For them.