The New Veggie Anthem?


I’ve been a big fan of this song ever since it came out a few years ago (and a fan of the producer and vocalist for years before that). Sure, it perpetuates the myth of pigs being “unclean,” but still, you’ve gotta admit this is one of the catchiest vegetarian anthems in recent memory:

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    Lol :) This should be our national anthem! (I’m from Oz)

  2. Lisa

    Hi i’m Lisa and I wanted to get some advice from you since I found this blog while informing me about becoming a vegetarian.

    So I was reading about animal abuse in eggs and milk production since I want to stop eating meat but not other products like milk for example. (I really don’t want to change to soya milk or something like that because I like eating bread and products that are made with eggs and milk)

    If I buy Bio (organic) poducts, does that mean that the animal wasn’t abused in any way at the production of the product?

    I hope u answer Thank You

  3. ryan

    Hi Lisa —

    The short answer: nope, absolutely not.

    The slightly longer answer: you cannot buy milk that means the animal wasn’t abused in any way because even on the happiest of organic farms (which mostly exist only in people’s imagination), dairy cows still need to be forcibly impregnated, their babies still have to be taken from them, many of their babies become veal, and the dairy cows themselves will be killed at a very early age once they’re “spent.”

    So, there you go. There is no such thing as “humane” milk, eggs, or meat because they all come from the exploitation of animals and all of the animals die early and violently.

  4. Lisa

    Great…like i thought. This is sad.
    I’m still going to try beign a vegan even though it is so hard for me not eating cakes and milk products. I haven’t tried soya milk so maybe it tastes actually really good.

    If if doesn’t work, maybe going to a small farm near my city, where I know and SEE that the animals aren’t abused and buy milk from them will work?

    Well, thank you so much for your answer ryan.

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