AR and Anti-Oppression


Today, Stephanie Ernst announced that she was stepping down from her role at where she headed up the Animal Rights section of the site. During her 1+ years at, her blog became one of my favorite daily AR reads. I think I sent links to her articles to family and friends more often than any other blog. Her posts were thoughtful, compassionate, and gave me a glimpse of the best our movement has to offer.

Thankfully, Stephanie’s not leaving us hanging. Instead, she’s moving over to work on a new group blog, Animal Rights & AntiOppression at She’s blogging alongside Deb Durant from Invisible Voices, Mary Martin from Animal Person, Kelly Garbato from Easy Vegan, and Marji Beach from the Animal Place Sanctuary blog.

I’m super excited about this new project of theirs — one that I didn’t know anything about until Stephanie’s announcement today (well done keeping the secret!) — and I think it will prove to be one of the must-read blogs of 2010. What’s funny is that I had long thought to myself that Deb, Stephanie, Mary, and Kelly should start a group blog together, but never mentioned it to any of them. So, hey, I’m glad y’all read my mind like that.

The blog’s mission statement is simple and clear: “Challenging oppression and injustice, against nonhuman animals, humans, and earth — one vegan, environmentalist, feminist, social-justice-loving, all-around-progressive post at a time… That’s right, trolling conservatives. It doesn’t get more liberal than this. Brace yourselves.”

It’s enough to make Glenn Beck throw up in his mouth a little.

6 Responses to “AR and Anti-Oppression”

  1. Deb

    We forgot to add in the part about being mind readers in the tag line! ;)

    Thanks for the shout-out!

  2. kelly g.

    “It’s enough to make Glenn Beck throw up in his mouth a little.”

    Cue warm, fuzzy feelings. Such a smiley image, that is!

    Thanks for the kind words, Ryan :)

  3. Stephanie E.

    Add yourself to the people who made me cry (and laugh) yesterday, Ryan. Thank you for this — for the shout-out, for the remarkably touching compliments, and for the Glenn Beck remark, on which I’ll have to quote you. :)

  4. Stephanie E.

    Also, because I do everything in Google Reader, I hadn’t seen your latest steak-and-tempeh tagline. You crack me up.

  5. ryan

    Thanks for checking in! You all are off to a good start… keep it up. :)

    Stephanie — the tagline changes with each load of the page. I came up with about 10 or 12 of them (and had to actually go check to see which one you were talking about!).

  6. Brandi

    I want to invite you to enter in my Arbonne Giveaway I posted on my blog. Come check it out!

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