RIP, Sammy


RIP, Sammy

Last night, my family’s cat Sammy died. I still remember back in 1992 when Sammy came to us as a kitten for my sister’s birthday. Sammy was an independent cat early on who, though he interacted with people, was known to turn on a dime while you were petting him. In his later years, after my sister and I moved out, he changed quite a bit. Perhaps it was the addition of another cat to the household or the deaths of our dogs Bosco and Lady, but he became very affectionate towards people and significantly less grouchy.

He had some strange habits. He enjoyed “relations” with a stuffed dog and looked guilty when he was caught because of making too much noise. He also enjoyed vegetables — broccoli and even corn on the cob. I’m not an expert on cat behavior, but from what I understand, this is somewhat unique.

But for all his youthful attitude and strange habits, he was a really nice cat and I always looked forward to seeing him on trips home to visit the family. It’s hard to believe he was around for what’s half of my life, but he was and was happy and healthy up until a few months before his death.

We’ll miss you, Sam.

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  1. jeni treehugger

    Oh that video is hilarious I have never seen the like!
    R.I.P Sammy, he really was a beutiful special cat.

  2. girl least likely to

    ryan, i’m so sorry to hear about sammy. and you’re not going to believe this, but apparently you and i live in the world of crazy coincidences… because in addition to sharing our five-year vegan anniversary today, my parents’ kitty died today. :( we got the horrible news about a tumor in her bladder last night, and they made the difficult decision today to euthanize her. she was 18.5 years old (summer of 1991!), deaf, 4 pounds, and still adorably feisty. everyone is heartbroken. maybe sammy and emily can be friends, wherever they are now.

    …and now i shall wait for the inevitable third crazy coincidence to reveal itself.

  3. Dirk

    RIP lovely Sammy. I hope you are playing in fields of green with my late Malibu and the other kitty angels, chasing butterflies and eating all the corn on the cob you could ask for.

  4. ryan

    To add to the coincidences, the vet said he thought Sammy had bladder cancer and he was also deaf near the end.

  5. KD

    The video just rocks, it does and I find it super duper cute that you can hear the kitteh crunchin’ off the kernels of corn.

    I’m sorry for your loss. It looks as if Sammy had a lovely life. I’ll forever remember the kitteh munchin’ on corn on the cob.

    Actually, I’m surprised mine haven’t picked up that habit yet!

  6. Mo

    Awww. RIP Sammy.

  7. Lisa


    I am SO sorry for your loss of Sammy.

    We lost our two furry boys earlier this year (17 and 19 years old).

    They have all traded in their fur suits for their Sparkle Suits and are frolicking together on the other side.

  8. kelly g.

    I’m so sorry for your loss, Ryan. My family-of-origin’s dog, Shadow, died last November, and though I never expected I’d see her again (I live 1,000+ miles away from my parents), I still miss her something awful. Her passing also makes me feel rather aged, and not in a good way.

    Rest in peace, Sammy.

  9. Nancy

    I’m so sorry. The day will come when we lose our 2 “really spoiled” cats, Hugs and Kisses. I don’t know how I will bear it. Cats are so special.

  10. rossi

    Rest in peace Sammy. :( He looks just like my girlfriend’s cat who’s been living with me since this summer. He was missing for almost a year and I was sure he had died but we found him last winter. I know it’s hard when you lose a pet.

  11. Vegunn

    Sorry for your loss. Love the video. He looks just like my cat Eric, who passed away a couple years ago at 17. He used to come running when I fixed spaghetti, and I would make him a helping too. Someone told me that “tuxedo” cats had a great personality and that was my experience. Hope Eric can meet up with Sammy and the others for the party on the other side!

  12. Rosie

    Rest in Piece Sammy. My own dear friend, Joey died last year. He didn’t eat corn, but did enjoy Vegan Pumpkin pie and green olives. Although he didn’t eat the olives, he just rolled all over them. They were a bit like catnip.

    My current three Bailey, Beau and Benny all send their best wishes.


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