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I thought it had been a few weeks since my last post, and I chalked it up to a summer vacation from the blog. Then I looked and realized my last post was at the end of July. Yikes.

I have a bunch of longer posts lined up to get things back into gear, but let me just start you with an amusing dream I had the other night.

I was hanging out at Food Fight chatting with some folks there about how I was thinking about moving to Portland (in real life, I’m not, but if I were moving to the west coast, it would be my first choice). Then all of a sudden, Chad comes over and drops an almost cartoonishly large ham hock in my lap. I almost jump out of my seat, but then realize that, of course, it was a giant vegan ham hock. A mock hock, if you will.

Hey, they carry vegan haggis, so it could happen!

2 Responses to “Return to action”

  1. Lazurii

    Welcome back!

  2. Jessi

    Welcome back! You could end your summer break by posting a review of my ‘zine! : ) (LOL, kidding, no rush! The second issue is coming out next week though!) Hope you had a summer full of veggie-goodness! I know I did!
    Peace, Jessi

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