zpizza now offering Daiya vegan cheese!


(I had hoped to break this news for you, but held off until it was officially announced and thus got scooped by a couple of others.)

As I mentioned back in January, pizza chain zpizza was trying out several new vegan cheese options to replace their non-vegan soy cheese. Well, the decision has been made and starting now, some zpizza stores are offering the new and well-received Daiya vegan cheese on their pizzas. By the end of the summer, every zpizza in the country (which is almost 100 stores in 16 states!) will have completely replaced their non-vegan soy cheese with the new vegan option. Note that Daiya’s cheese, in addition to being vegan, is also soy, corn, rice, and gluten free. Impressive.

This is a huge deal for vegans looking to get a good vegan cheese pizza. While zpizza doesn’t have the presence of a Domino’s or Pizza hut, they are spreading quickly and their pizzas are so much better. Just a few years ago, Northern Virginia was celebrating their first zpizza and now there are more than a dozen.

I have yet to try the new vegan cheese pizza option (not sure if it’s available at my local one yet) and I haven’t even tried Daiya cheese yet, but rest assured, I’m looking forward to being able to finally order a cheese pizza with good toppings whenever I feel like it.

Here’s an updated list of zpizza’s vegan options:

Pizzas (all of these request Vegan Cheese to replace mozzarella):

  • Provence
  • Napoli (no parmesan)
  • Greek (no feta)
  • California
  • Tuscan (no feta)
  • Berkeley Soy Cheese Veggie (replace basil pesto)
  • Moroccan Rustica (replace basil pesto)
  • Mediterranean Rustica (no feta)


  • California
  • Arugula (no cheese)
  • Greek (no cheese)
  • Pear and Gorgonzola (no cheese)

If you’d like to build your own pizza or order a salad, below are acceptable vegan ingredients:

  • Pizza dough
  • Vegan cheese by Daiya
  • Veggie crumbles
  • Tomato sauce
  • Marinara sauce
  • Chipotle pesto
  • Mexican salsa
  • Roasted garlic sauce
  • White Balsamic dressing
  • Caramelized onions
  • Roasted eggplant
  • All fresh vegetables

13 Responses to “zpizza now offering Daiya vegan cheese!”

  1. Kristen

    You know what’s funny is that the one thing I thought I couldn’t give up was Domino’s pizza – now the thought of even having vegan cheese on my pizza sounds kind of gross. I am so used to eating Amy’s and whole food’s vegan pizzas, both without any kind of cheese. I think it would be too “heavy” fat wise put it back on. But I am interested in trying them out. I have never heard of them before.

  2. John

    Informative article.

  3. Jackie Morgan

    I have heard raves about this vegan cheese. You can order it from Pangea in Rockville Maryland. Can’t wait to try it!

  4. Jen

    In KC, a local pizza place (Waldo Pizza) offers vegan cheese (yummy Follow Your Heart brand) on any of their pizzas, for the cost of an extra topping, which varies by size but is relatively inexpensive (around a buck, give or take).

    If this chain isn’t around, perhaps asking a local place to service the vegans of the area isn’t such a bad idea…people love this place and between the vegan cheese and the gluten-free crust, they have a niche on a second market–health conscience pizza lovers!

  5. Ryan

    I definitely agree that contacting local pizza places and encouraging them to offer a vegan cheese option is the way to go. Unfortunately, my own attempts at that failed (tried a number of local places and was either denied or ignored). But others have had success…

  6. Lazurii

    Our local pizza spot, Pizza Schmizza, said they would gladly put vegan cheese on my pizza if I brought it in. I don’t think that’s too bad.

  7. natala

    I need to find out if the garlic sauce is vegan… my husband is allergic to tomato so he has not been able to have pizza at all, and prior to him becoming vegan he’d just have a white sauce with cheese.

  8. Thomas Scott

    Unfortunately, I’ve been the victim (due to my own ignorance) of eating a soy cheese pizza that wasn’t actually vegan… oops!

    I don’t think we have “zpizza” up here in Canada, but I’m excited by the fact that stores are becoming more and more vegan friendly!

    Cheers :)


  9. bazu

    That is great news- I love Daiya! The idea of sauntering into a pizza place and just nonchalantly ordering a slice is awesome! Too bad the closest ZPizza is a couple of hundred miles away from me at JFK airport…!

  10. Jackie Morgan

    I made my first vegan pizza last night with Daiya Italian flavor, and yves vegan “pepperoni”. It was really, really good! Two thumbs up! :-)

  11. Maggie

    The roasted garlic sauce is NOT vegan, at least according to the employee I talked to at the Z Pizza is Roseville, Minnesota. He said the sauce has butter in it.

  12. ryan

    Everything that I’ve read (from zpizza itself, from other vegan bloggers, etc.) indicates that it is vegan, and I’d tend to believe that over a random employee at one of the branches.

    However, I will drop a note to zpizza to confirm that the garlic sauce is vegan.

  13. DJ

    Hey! Just a warning though! You forgot to mention that the garlic sauce in some of those has butter in it, so it’s a no no. I just asked for fresh garlic on it in lieu of the buttery sauce.. Yum!

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