Vandals spray-paint pigs and cows confined at a school


In California, some vandals spray-painted animals at the Visalia Unified School District’s farm. They:

  • Covered two pigs head to tail in spray paint and tagged a third on his nose,
  • Marked two heifers on their sides and rears, and
  • Marked a cow’s genitalia.

But here’s the thing: the animals are being used “for show” and eventually are sold for meat. Of course the commenters on the story are saying things along the lines of “Show some respect for the animals!” Newsflash: if those animals weren’t being contained in cages at a school and used like objects, they wouldn’t be getting spray painted.

This is not to say, of course, that the kids that did it shouldn’t be caught and punished, but let’s save the holier-than-thou attitude. The confinement, use, and eventual murder of the animals is much worse abuse than the vandalism, yet the program is viewed as noble and worthy of praise and defense.

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