Half the feed, 65% of the meat, 100% of the suffering

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Careful — this video of the latest in “environmentally-friendly beef” might cause you to injure yourself from constant eye rolling.

The inane, low-IQ banter is too much to take. I’m not even going to provide any commentary because, really, it’s Fox News… you know what you’re going to get.

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  1. Camilla

    The woman in the blue blaues is really annoying. I really hate the word cute sometimes. Why is it that a mini cow is cute (but not cute enough to stop her eat or dissociating herself from the miseberable life these cattles probably are going to live.) when regular cattles arent?

    And the opinion that a woman shouldnt be able to handle regular cattle!!? I mean its not exactly like the big strong male farmers are in psycical contact with cattle anyway.

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