links for 2009-06-15

  • The video report says that the cougar was "eventually taken away," but the print version verifies that "officers with the Department of Fish and Game were forced to shoot and kill the animal. They had hoped to return it to the wild."
  • Glad they caught the kid. I also appreciate that they actually acknowledged the suffering of the cats:

    "The cruelty of these crimes were horrific for the animal victims, but there were many human victims as well," Mayor Paul Vrooman said.

    "Let's not forget the children and the families who found their pets mutilated. These awful scenes inflicted a human toll."

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  1. Sharon Lambert

    Whatever happened to innocent until proven guilty? Won’t you all be ashamed if this kid is innocent? 158 years for this? 1 year for raping a child? 30 days for manslaughter? Justice in America’s judicial system NO! STOP THINK and wait for the proof – even then the system only goes after the poor and ignorant.

  2. Heather

    Sharon-I do not know where you are getting your times for the crimes in your comment. The 158 years is the potential time but will likely be greatly mitigated if the man is convicted. All data shows that animal mutilation is a precursor in past human serial killings and therefore if this man is convicted it makes sense to keep him excluded from society for his lifetime.

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