Asking for your support, times two


Juniper the goat. Read her story (PDF).

In about a month, for the sixth straight year I’ll be running the Poplar Spring Animal Sanctuary Run for the Animals. I started volunteering at Poplar Spring over five years ago and it’s always been a great source of inspiraton for me. When I started there, I was still lacto-ovo vegetarian. It didn’t take long (but longer than it should have) for me to go vegan thanks to being able to work directly with the animals and become a part of the community that works and volunteers at the farm. Others that I’ve brought to the farm have done everything from eating significantly less meat to giving up meat altogether after only one visit. It really is quite a place. Terry and Dave don’t waver in their commitment to the animals and have done an amazing job over the past 10+ years.

I’ve set a bit of a high goal for myself and I have a long, long way to go, so please, won’t you…


Also, my pal Josh is doing something similar. Except he’ll be going 596.9 miles further than me and will do so on a bicycle. It’d be cool if you helped him out in his effort to raise money for Farm Sanctuary by donating here and becoming a Facebook fan of the event. Do your thing, Josh!