Exploring Your Food


I’m digging this COK ad for MTV:

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  1. Cuca

    HA! I’m glad they’re showing that on MTV.
    If that’s what it takes…

  2. easyVegan.info » Blog Archive » “The truth will set you free. But first, it will piss you off.”

    […] tip to Ryan at the Veg Blog for this retro ’50s style educational film/PSA, produced by COK and currently airing on MTV: […]

  3. Ed Coffin

    This is great that they’re playing this!

  4. Michelle Taylor

    This is a great ad! I think it may even be reaching more people over the internet than through the MTV ad’s!

  5. Lily

    Hey look at that – some small ray of light amongst all the mind-melting drivel that is MTV programing.

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