Asi = Harpo


Last night I dreamt that a food critic came over my house and was critiquing some simple potato dish that I’d made. He said it was uninspired and plain, and examining the ingredients, said, “It seems you don’t like meat very much.” I told him I was vegan and he gave me that knowing look, like, “Ah, that’s why your food sucks.”

He proceeded to make me feel bad about my cooking before I turned the conversation by asking him who his favorite vegan cookbook authors were.

“I like… Oprah.” I stared at him, confused. “Oprah… Chandra Moskowitz. Her books are really good.”

Maybe this means we’ll see Oprah giving away free samples of Cast Iron seitan to her audience in 2009?

6 Responses to “Asi = Harpo”

  1. gladcow

    I can’t wait to see if your dream is true! LOL

    OR, maybe, Oprah marries Isa and then Isa teaches her how to cook and stuff and then Oprah dumps Isa and starts cooking meat! OOooooOOOooohhh!

  2. lauren

    haha, yeah what’s up with her only going vegan for one month, saying that she felt great and then go back to eating the way she did? i’m confused…

  3. Ryan

    I, too, am deeply saddened that Isa gave up veganism after one month. Yet she continues to write cookbooks about it.

    (Is this how Internet rumors get started?)

  4. Ed Coffin

    Yeah, maybe Oprah can go vegan for real this time.

  5. Vegan

    Oprah did say she’s been gaining weight so we can be hopeful she’ll at least try veganism again.

  6. Asi

    Wow, you cracked my junior high school nickname. But you left out the Moskotitz. But I think that I am proof that veganism makes you gain weight.

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