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  1. Marcy

    Hoarding is never the solution. Animals are better off on the streets or dead than with a hoarder. I know, I fell victim to one posing as a sanctuary.

  2. Kris

    I don’t believe this woman was hoarding. She found homes for most of the dogs. That is called “rescue”. As to the puppies that died, if they were only 2 weeks old–the mortality for that young of animals without the immunity from mother’s milk is extremely high. Having done animal fostering for the past 15 years, I always hate taking “bottle babies” because you put so much effort into them–but often they die anyway. That is why shelters usually don’t bother & just routinely euthanize young kittens & puppies.

  3. ryan

    Agreed with Kris — this didn’t sound like a hoarding case, especially since she found homes for most of them quickly.

    Kris — thanks for the clarification on the mortality rates of the young ones. That makes sense (wish they had said more in the article about it).

  4. Vegan McDonalds

    I’m excited to see more vegan products on the market – especially in a wholesale form!

  5. Marcy

    Extra sarcasm with “quotes” always appreciated. also, most hoarders believe themselves to be rescuers, and even start out that way. There has to be limits.

  6. caroline

    Marcy, I think it’s unfair to label her as a hoarder. She doesn’t even have a history of taking in a large amount of animals. It sounds like a one-time case. She did a good thing.
    Hoarding is party overcompensating for extreme loneliness. Sad.
    If you want to combat hoarding, we should all do our part to be kind and help people to feel less lonely, watch out for our friends, family and community.
    Happy New Year!

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