links for 2008-12-12

  • "At ASDA, Britain's second largest supermarket chain and a subsidiary of Wal-Mart, offal sales were up 20% last month compared to November 2007. Sainsbury's, the country's third largest supermarket chain, is selling 48% more pig livers, 22% more chicken livers and 8% more pig kidney than it was last year." [via Consumerist]
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2 Responses to “links for 2008-12-12”

  1. Lazurii

    Blorf, you could never make me eat a liver.

    “Here honey, and animal-filtration-system smothered in onions and gravy!”
    “Thanks, Mom, you’re the best! Always looking out for my health.”

  2. Lily

    Mmmm sounds *delicious* doesn’t it. I mean, who can’t resist liver and kidney?! Oh, my mistake, it’s “offal” or “sweetmeats” – euphemisms do make it easier to ignore the actual content of a dish doesn’t it…

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