Sarah Palin grants an interview in front of turkeys being slaughtered


I’m sure this will be all over the place (if it’s not already, I haven’t checked), but here it is… Alaska governor and former vice-presidential candidate Sarah Palin being interviewed in front of turkeys being slaughtered:

This is one of those videos that you can’t watch without your blood pressure rising. Gov. Palin’s patented cocky attitude combined with painful irony starts right from the start, where she describes how running for office is “brutal” at the very moment that a turkey behind her, on camera, is being slaughtered. Blood covers the machinery and ground and a few seconds later, the limp-bodied turkey is carried off-camera.

Then, another turkey is brought in, struggling as she’s slaughtered. Gov. Palin spouts off about how “neat” it is to be able to “promote a local business” because “you need to be able to have a little levity in this job.”

She adds, “[It’s nice to] participate in something that isn’t so… heavy-handed politics that invites criticism. Certainly we’ll invite criticism for even doing this, too.” Gee, you think?

Gov. Palin ends with, “But at least this was fun.

Absolutely sickening.

(Thanks to Alex for the tip-off.)

7 Responses to “Sarah Palin grants an interview in front of turkeys being slaughtered”

  1. CaptainProton

    it *is* already all over the place. i just read about it in a german blog.
    just wondering if the guy in the background also filled her cup – that would fit in the overall concept.

  2. Andrea

    Oh my fucking god. I can’t believe they interviewed her there. I mean, if they were going to do it any way, at least they should have been a little less obvious. Those turkeys… I feel as if someone stepped all over my heart.
    And there’s one more reason why Sarah Palin is incompetent and I’m glad her and McCain lost(no offense to anyone.)

  3. Becci

    As usual, Sarah Palin exists on a completely different planet than the rest of us.

    Evil woman.

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  5. Lily

    I just want to reiterate how thankful I am that she is NOT VP!!!

    Perhaps this video will make people think twice about what they make the centerpiece of their Thanksgiving meal.

  6. crystal

    OMG how can someone just kill an animal like that and furthermore how can she talk and laugh and smile while a life is being taken away right behind her? Im stricken!

  7. Judy

    She sure can talk! Anywhere! Here that man was, killing struggling turkeys, and Palin goes on and on and on about oil, her family, Eye-raq, and how much fun it was to be at the slaughter. Why is the Republican Party proud of this twit? When is the next Gubernatorial (or Goobernatorial) election in Alaska? We need activists up there. Send her back to Tiwilla or whatever the name is. Maybe she can run for a beauty queen something or other. Will she try? Oooh, you betcha!

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