More Hog Wrestling


This time, it’s in Baltimore County, MD.

And, again, I ask why we want to to teach kids that this kind of thing is fun:


"It was hard, but very fun," said Dustin Schreibman, 12. "I kept slipping and everything."

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5 Responses to “More Hog Wrestling”

  1. Nikki

    Yeah looks fun for the terrified pig but what fun is his life going to be as he looks forward to being slaughtered and put on spit for some redneck BBQ?

  2. xen

    Sometimes I just wonder why I’m kind to people and if I should become a hermit instead.

  3. Joseph

    I was speaking to a few activists from the Baltimore/D.C. area about the pig wrestling. Apparently there were so many complaints the rednecks decided to cancel the festivities. However, as a big “fuck you” to compassionate people everywhere, there is going to be a public pig roast instead. Sickening.

  4. Jess

    Wow this is sickening. Events like this just go to show how low society has stooped just for entertainment.

  5. southern gal

    OHKAY! i do NOT appreciate the fuckin redneck comment! your no better than us! sorry to tell yah! ITS A HOG! and i LOVE<3 BBQ! I think i will go make some right now! lemme go deer huntin while im aat it! you guys who are against it.. get over it! apparently your not makin a difference cuz its still goin on! AND im in my fairs hog wrestling this thursday!:)

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