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  1. xen

    That’s karma for you. ;-)

  2. Lauren

    yeah i don’t see how people can work in those places and especially have kids! what kind of an example is that, plus how could they kill innocent lives all day and then go home and hold their babies and play with there dogs or whatever?

  3. Lazurii

    Well, Lauren, having been on the flip-side of this, I can understand. I grew up on a small farm and helped butcher our animals. It’s “easy” when you don’t understand. Most of these people who butcher for a living are caring people who love their babies and pets. For a lot of people it’s easy to compartmentalize violence towards so-called food animals into a small part of their lives.

    I’m here to say that there is hope for people who butcher. I’m vegan now (started the first of August, yay!) and have been vegetarian for 2.5 years before this. If I can become vegan, anybody can. Don’t let your hate towards the action cut you off from seeing the good in the people committing the action, especially when they just don’t understand.

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