Tease this, you comic idiots


Today’s Blondie:


Yeah, haha.  Nothing like secretly serving a dead animal to a vegetarian for humor!  Tee-hee… so funny!  How about we chop off your arm and serve it back to you, on the sly, tough guy?  Just so we can tease you!  “Haha, you ate your arm!”

I hope Blondie punches them both in the nose in the next panel.

(No, I don’t really take this seriously.  I mean, it’s Blondie.  But after this limp attempt at humor, perhaps I’m a bit touchy.  I am, after all, a humorless vegan.)

9 Responses to “Tease this, you comic idiots”

  1. Jason Das

    Oh, good find. yuck.

    I just gave the New Yorker some trouble about their new cover, with the lobsters

  2. Lily

    Know what? I bet they wouldn’t make a similar joke about undermining a Jewish couple who keep kosher, because that would just be disrespectful right?

  3. xen

    @Lily: You got a point there.

    I find it a bit funny that vegans can be joked with, but if we vegans joke about meat eaters, we are in deep trouble. Just goes to show who is more sensitive though.

  4. joshivore

    i actually play that trick on my vegan friends. and i’m vegan.

  5. Lisa

    Ugh. Yeah, because it’s funny to feed meat to a vegetarian. Hey, tell you what, let’s also have a centerpiece made out of aborted babies right in front of our pro-life friends. Hilarious!
    This reminds me of the time I ordered a bowl of ‘roasted nuts’ at a restaurant, only to find out from the chef (halfway through the bowl, mind you) that after they are roasted he sautees them in duck fat. Lovely.
    So, yeah, sorry, I don’t find comics like this terribly funny.

  6. Gary

    Perhaps a future Blondie strip will feature a circus protestor with – get this – leather shoes!

  7. vegoftheweek

    I think someone tried to do that to me. I ordered vegan pizza and there were smart aleck looking workers in the back. I found a pepperoni “hidden” underneath the vegetables. And it didn’t look like an accident, which sometimes happens when you go to a place where they make food very quickly. This was strategically placed, on the bottom with the sauce, and covered by the neat array of other veggies.

  8. Michela Vawter

    i totally agree with all of you on this. I think that is just so unbelievably disrespectful. i mean we are actually doing something and trying to make a difference which is more than i can say for most of the people i know of who would rather just stick the heads in the sand than actually think. Sorry if i am trying to fix something and make a difference in this messed up world that we live in while you just keep making up stupid worthless jokes that contribute absolutely nothing to this planet.
    its so annoying how every time i eat with someone new as soon as they find out there like “oh…your one of those” and they always ask me why but when i even begin to explain it i can feel them completely like shut down and just start counting the minutes until i finally stop.
    even some of my family and friends that i have known for years still make fun of my decision and every once in a while decide that tossing a pepperoni or porkchops into my food is just the funniest thing since sliced bread.
    I’m just so sick of people. why do people think that we are better, smarter and therefore have total say over every other living thing in this world even our fellow people. What makes us so special? because i have yet to see it.

    btw kudos on the aborted babies thing that was a really good analogy.

  9. ren

    very messed up, some vegans are vegan for health reasons too…so i guess they feel murder is funny long as its for humor!?

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