Seaweed-Banana Sandwich: approved by vegan toddlers


My daughter’s not even two yet, but she’s already developing her own recipes.  I thought I’d share her latest creation with you:

Seaweed-Banana Sandwich
Serves 1


  • 1 strip of Nori paper
  • 1 slice of banana


  1. Wrap banana slice in Nori.
  2. Eat.

I’ve gotta say, I’m kind of grossed out by her creation, but she seems to like it.  I suspect it’ll be the cornerstone of her first cookbook.

Watch out, Isa!


3 Responses to “Seaweed-Banana Sandwich: approved by vegan toddlers”

  1. Sarah

    That is just too cute!

    Though I agree, not sure how much my pallet would appreciate that combination.

  2. Jennifer

    I love it! I’m going to give it a try with my daughter.

  3. vegoftheweek

    Horrible me. I didn’t even know you had a daughter. Awesome! I have never liked nori, but I got into trying other seaweed like arame and I enjoyed that. Glad that you, the parent, said you were grossed out before I did! Otherwise I would have to say the traditional, “Oh, that sounds delicious. I wish she could cook for me. Your baby is the best recipe developer….:)”

    Any pics to share of baby and food?

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