Three Reasons Why Miso Rules the Planet


Sometimes miso gets overlooked.  That’s sad.  Because miso rules the planet, and here’s why:

  1. Forget chicken soup, miso rules when you’re feeling under the weather.  And it doesn’t require dead chickens.
  2. Eating miso will ensure you survive the fallout from a nuclear attack.  You can share some with the cockroaches.  (Yeah, so maybe this is overstated a tad.)
  3. Refrigerated miso has no expiration!

Here’s an introduction from NPR to the world’s greatest fermented soybean paste, our beloved miso.

3 Responses to “Three Reasons Why Miso Rules the Planet”

  1. selina

    well….. the miso soup at the local sushi place pretty much rocks my world. so, i totally agree with you.

  2. K

    Except miso soup base (dashi) is usually made with katsuobushi (dried fish flake) melted down. Not so veggie imo.

  3. Ari Moore

    no no, you can use Bragg’s or soy sauce to give it extra kick – you don’t need dashi or katsuobushi for flavor. we add vegetables and tofu to ours, too.

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