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The Portland massive (Vegans for Animal Advocacy, No Compromise, Food Fight!, and Herbivore) will be putting on the Let Live Animal Rights Conference from June 27-29.  Even though I’m planning to attend AR 2008 this year because it’s nearby, the grassroots nature of the Let Live conference is much more appealing to me.  Why’s Portland have to be on the other coast?

Topics include Verbal Self Defense, Student Activism, Understanding Direct Action, Understanding Our Audience, Building Good Group Dynamics, and others, with presenters including Will Potter, Mark Hawthorne (I’m currently reading his new book, Striking at the Roots), and recent immigrant-to-Portland Isa Chandra Moskowitz (The Post Punk Kitchen).  Cost is a measly $10.  Here’s to hoping they make mp3s of the presentations available for purchase afterwards.

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  1. Lazurii

    Lemmie just say I LOVE LIVING IN PORTLAND. But I could seriously hug you right now, Ryan, for I did not know about this conference, and would have probably missed out on an amazing experience if you hadn’t posted about it.

    Thank you.

  2. Chad

    Thank for posting this Ryan. And Lazurii, visit the site and sign up for the email list for the conference. And register and stuff. We’re planning on making notes and videos/mp3s of the conference available. Probably on a DVD or something. We’ll make stuff downloadable for free as it makes sense, but the DVD will have everything and probably be a fundraiser for the next one.
    chad / let live

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