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  1. vegoftheweek

    I’ve never been too found of a microwaved vegetable…unless it’s in a T.V. dinnner. Suppose it’s still good news for really busy people, people with children, etc. who want to make sure they’re not sacrificing nutrients for convenience.

  2. Eric Prescott

    I forwarded the NY Times article to my wife. She’s not a big microwave fan, and I’ve sorta gotten over it (we use it more as a timer than to cook), but I’d like to eat even more veggies than I do, and cooking can take so much time, so it was good to see this.

    Also, thanks for the link to my last TB column! (PS – your tag says “acitivism”) :D

  3. bazu

    Hmmm, I know the microwave article claims this not to be the case, but I’ve read many articles stating that microwaving does deplete many vitamins. For instance, lightly steamed broccoli completely beats microwaved broccoli in the nutrition department.

  4. Jesse

    Hmmm…I’d like to hear more about the vegan strip club thing. I haven’t quite formed my thoughts on it (which is very usual for me!).

  5. vegoftheweek


    I don’t remember the specifics, but I think Ryan’s article mentioned something about the methods for testing in previous articles versus this one. I think the methods varied in previous studies, thus possibly affecting the results in previous studies. I’m with you on the steamed preference though as far as taste is concerned.

  6. matt

    I agree with other commenters: everything I’ve heard about microwaving is that its a terrible way to heat food. I should complete the research, but according to some reliable sources of mine, it rearranges particles in the food, essentially turning most if not all of the microwaved food into something the body doesn’t know how to process. What does the body do then? It converts it into fat!

    OK, off of the soapbox now. Good info, good post & keep up the good work!

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