Veg Blog Speaking Event: Why Isn’t Everybody Vegan?


You may remember a post I wrote last year titled “10 Ways to be a Kick-Ass Vegan.”  Number nine on that list was “Give a talk,” something about which I said: “Here’s one I’ve been meaning to work up the nerve to do for a while now.  Ideally, I’d like to find a group of young or beginning vegetarians to talk to about veganism, like a high school or college animal rights group.”  Well, I’m finally taking that step and doing my first AR-themed talk.

The talk will be titled, “Why Isn’t Everybody Vegan?” and will focus on the multitude of reasons that people use for not changing their diet and lifestyle, even if it may be completely in line with their ethical beliefs.  It’s part of Animal Rights Week at the University of Mary Washington (Fredericksburg, VA), which is an ambitious week of outreach by a new and small (but dedicated) Animal Rights Club at UMW.

It just so happens that UMW is my alma mater and being the talk will be in my major’s building, so this talk should be extra fun.  Here are the details:

Why Isn’t Everybody Vegan?

When you make the transition to veganism, it’s hard not to be
enthusiastic about it.  It all seems so right and obvious and you
begin to wonder why everyone else isn’t making the same connection.
This talk will look at the reasons people aren’t vegan (“It’s too
extreme,” “I love cheese too much,” etc.) and how to counter those arguments in others (or yourself).

Where: University of Mary Washington, Fredericksburg, VA (Trinkle Hall Monroe Hall, room TBA)

When: Wednesday April 9, 2008; 6pm

What else?: There’ll be food.  So come, eat something, and listen to me blabber on about why veganism is the greatest thing since sliced (vegan) bread.

More info: The event’s Facebook page

If you’re in the area, come on by and say hi.  I’ll be the nervous one at the front of the room.

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  1. Marcy

    *hi-five* that is so cool. we’re all proud of you out here in blog land. make sure to update with how it goes! (I’m finishing “Vegan Freak” right now – needless to say, much fun to read prominently on a subway while cracking up for no apaprent reason – and this sounds straight outta the book.)

  2. johanna

    Yay! Good luck — that sounds like it will be awesome. I’m sure you’ll do a great job!

  3. Dreena

    Awesome, Ryan… you’ll do a stellar job I know, and your enthusiasm will hopefully persuade at least a handful of listeners to ‘take the vegan leap’. Good luck, and you won’t be nervous after the first minute or two!! :) (oh, and pls post an update later of how your talk went.)

  4. Jesse

    Good for you. I wish I was there to hear it (although after being a vegan for awhile you certainly here the gamut of excuses and rationalization).

  5. Chef Erik

    Great to see you be so proactive, Great to read your articles :)

  6. Eric Prescott

    Awesome, Ryan. Good call. Let us know how it goes. Post a picture of your stammerings. ;)

    You’ll do a great job, man.

  7. vegoftheweek

    Best of luck!

    Good starter points about cheese, etc. Some people are also reluctant because they’re afraid of missing out on sweets, cupcakes, chocolate, etc. Point them in the direction of the book My Sweet Vegan and I’m sure you’ll win any argument!

  8. Wheeler's

    Good for you! I’m sure you’ll do just fine.

  9. bazu

    Awesome- good luck! I would love a similar opportunity to do outreach, either a straight-up talk or a cooking demo or something to that effect. And I’m going to be in VA, but unfortunately, 2 days after your talk. Otherwise, I would have totally come down and cheered!

  10. Javier Hidalgo

    I was just curious as to how this went? My guess is you will probably inform us in a post soon :-)

  11. ryan

    Thanks for checking in — been trying to get a follow-up post written, but haven’t yet. Sunday!

  12. Kelleigh

    Another reason people don’t always go for the vegan life-

    I was an enthusiastic vegan for six years. But over time became very unwell. Many of my long-term vegan friends also became unwell and have abandoned this way of eating too.

    Not everyone’s metabolism is suited to a vegan diet.

    Although being vegan initially gave me a boost of energy and wellbeing, as my body became depleted in important nutrients over time, I became more and more unwell. I have sustained damage to my nervous system from a long-term vitamin b12 deficiency which my doctor corrected with a course of b12 injections. I developed severe iron deficiency and tested positive for other
    vitamin and mineral deficiencies often associated with long term veganism.

    Although in Paradise Lost, our ancestors enjoyed a vegan diet, many people today have inherited a weaker metabolism which requires foods providing an easy and ready form of nutrition like milk and eggs, and dare I say meat.

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