When I eats me spinach


In case you need more proof that meat doesn’t make a real man, look no further than Popeye.

Popeye was strong. He ate spinach.

Who was the one that ate all the hamburgers?


My point has been made, no?

11 Responses to “When I eats me spinach”

  1. Wheeler

    Yet another example of how cartoons teach us everything we need to know!

  2. Jesse

    Hahaha. That makes me smile.

  3. Dreena

    Love it! :)

  4. Debyi

    Nice! My husband burst out laughing when I read this to him! Love it!!!

  5. Becci


  6. Marcy

    and of course, who did he love? Olive Oil. ;)

  7. Tanya

    I will be passing that one along to my Omni boyfriend, thanks!!!

  8. ryan

    Marcy: brilliant!

  9. J.F.


    Let’s not forget our other vegan/vegatarian cartooners:
    —Apu, the Kwik E Mart Owner from the Simpsons is vegan as well!

  10. Wheeler's

    Hi again! –
    Just wanted to pass on this information. Thanks!

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    Oh So Soy!

    If you have a few minutes to spare, could do us a huge favor and read the article and comment at the bottom of the page? We’re very excited about getting such great press, especially from a magazine of this caliber. If everyone drops by and leaves a quick comment, soon there will be no doubt in any publisher’s mind: YES, readers absolutely do want to know about vegan happenings and developments. Please don’t hesitate to repost the article on your blog and spread the world!

    Emily @ Wheeler’s Frozen Desserts

  11. abby

    Haha! This made my day!

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