This week in carnism on PostSecret


Periodically on PostSecret, postcards are sent in either defaming vegetarianism, confessing “cheating” on a veg diet, or proclaiming a love for meat.  This week, there were two decidedly non-vegan postcards were posted:


Here’s an idea: stop using prayers (also seen amongst some as “respecting the animal”) as an excuse to just stop buying leather handbags.  Is it really that hard?

Next up…


This one actually made me a little queasy.  I’m sure Carol Adams would have something to say about this one.

6 Responses to “This week in carnism on PostSecret”

  1. Becci

    WTF is wrong with both of those people? Ew.

  2. Lazurii

    I think I threw up a little in my mouth.

  3. Marcy

    why did i have to see this before lunch…

  4. Jesse

    Normally, prayer works better before the thing has died. Just a thought. Greedy, selfish bimbo. As for the second postcard, I’m not sure how to respond. Sounds like a victim of molestation to me. Sorry I’m so harsh today :)

  5. David

    Since you like PostSecret you might wish to try We publish art with stories as well. But we do more than just secrets.

    Also we pay for the stories and art we publish. So send in your vegan stories. BTW, the editor’s twin brother is a vegan!

  6. J.F.

    Seeing men eat meat may turn her on, but the men won’t be able to reciprocate-all the high fat, high cholesterol items will eventually lead to diabetes and cholesterol problems that will one day lead to-you guessed it-erectile dysfunction!!!

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