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  1. Lazurii

    Okay, confession time (please don’t judge too harshly).

    My hubby and I aren’t vegan yet. Because of cheese. But, OH MY HEAVENS. If this is true then I’m so ready to switch now instead of later. Just reading it makes me hungry.

    Thank you so much for the link!

  2. smally

    I loved cheese a *lot* but simply stopped eating it because the concept of cheese was transformed to have the property “not to eat”. And that made it easy.

    Anyway, have you tried the justly-celebrated method of “baby steps”? Like, set yourself the goal of quitting for a week or two, and you soon discover it isn’t that hard.

  3. Lazurii

    *giggles* Baby steps, that reminds me of the movie “What About Bob?”.

    Oh, we’ve been working the “baby steps” thing, we were omnivores until November 2006, and have been weaning off things until then.

    I found a pretty good cheese substitute from the Vegan Lunchbox site, but then I got pregnant and life became….crazy.

    But craziness is, well, not over but contained. I’m ready to start on my “baby step” journey again.

    Thanks for the support!

  4. Jenny

    Very good news about Dr Cow’s vegan cheese revolution as everything else out there is pretty awful (speaking as someone who until 3 months ago ate a lot of good dairy cheese!)
    But I’m in UK – please tell me that we British vegans will be able to get hold of this stuff soon?!

  5. Mike


    You know, I was about to write a fairly stern reply to your first post. And then I read your second. Your first post makes you sound ignorant of the suffering of dairy cows, but otherwise willing to go vegan. Your second post gives the opposite impression: that you know why it’s important to give up cheese, but that you’re being controlled by cravings. *That* I can easily understand. We’re all controlled by cravings of one sort or another, especially when under stress. I keep telling myself I won’t eat so much chocolate, but then badness happens and I do.

    My husband and I have a simple practice to help us deal with food cravings. Every month we prepare a list of things that we won’t eat that month. These are things that are ethically largely okay to eat, but to which we have developed strong attachments. By rotating our abstentions, so that each month we’re abstaining from different things, we try to weaken our attachments to foods we would rather not be attached to. That’s how I got off caffeinated coffee and all sugary drinks. After a while, I started to see not only that I could get through the month without them, but that I often felt worse during the months when I was consuming them.

    Maybe that will help you. Good luck!

  6. Billy

    What we really need is an organic vegan cheese. I love Follow Your Heart but it’s not organic.

    Is Temptation’s upcoming cheese supposed to be organic?

  7. Lazurii

    Oh, Mike, thank you for your kind words and not judging me immediately. You seriously have made my week.

    That sounds like a great practice, I’ll get on it very shortly!

  8. Vance

    Lazurii, I don’t know if this will help, but back when I was still eating cheese and facing having to give it up (at the end of the year) I literally could not imagine how little I would care – just a couple months info that new year – that I was Living Without Cheese. I could not imagine how minuscule a difference it would really make to my quality of life. I remember very well having the craving for cheese back when I was eating it all the time, and wondering how I was going to cope once I made cheese a “not to eat” thing. But it turned out not to be a big deal at all – for me, anyway.

  9. Saam

    hmmm, I wonder what this cheese tastes like… I’m going to have to find out where to get this stuff…

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