links for 2008-02-27


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  1. Eric Prescott

    Holy crap. That 7-Eleven is awesome. I wish it was a national thing, and not just that one store in Philly…

    Also, thanks for the link. That cover really burned me up.

  2. Ari Moore

    I love this part (also in the 7-Eleven article): “Malka, who is not a vegetarian himself, is somewhat amused at becoming a veggie icon. ‘I’m a vegetarian manufacturer, but I eat everything,’ he said with a laugh. ‘I just didn’t want to deal with meat so much for production – you know, with the sanitation and all.'”

    You’d think he’d apply the same logic to his own diet, but hey, it’s still a cool reason and it’s great this food safety point made it into the article.

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