Vegan Sour Cream and Onion Chips


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I was thinking today about how vegan marshmallows for the longest time were the “holy grail” of unavailable vegan goods. Then, Sweet & Sara came along.

So, with that problem solved, I think we need to move onto another question: why are there no vegan Sour Cream and Onion potato chips? They’ve always been one of my favorite junky snack foods and remain one of the only things from my dark omni past that I still have a hankering for. Would some kind vegan junk food purveyor please get to work on this? Or maybe Isa can make a homemade version?

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  1. the vegan blog tracker

    I second that. There’s no good reason why we can’t have those, and there’s got to be sufficient demand.

  2. Dreena

    I’ve wondered about sour cream ‘n onion chips too. Used to LOVE them as a kid… ketchup chips too. If Robert’s can make those tasty “Tings”, you’d think they’d be able to make a yummy sc ‘n o chip…

    we also need vegan onion rings. I know they aren’t the least bit healthy, but when I was preggo the 2nd time ’round, I had the biggest craving for onion rings. I even went to A&W and asked to see their ingredients list. But, I wasn’t convinced, and so I didn’t get them. Man, I wanted those onion rings so bad it hurt!!

  3. Jason

    That came up on Saturday’s TVP too ( – John wished for vegan Kit Kats (he’s all about the snap, apparently), which got me thinking about the chips. I’ll even admit to just licking the gunk off a chip or two back in the day… So wrong, but so right…

  4. Billy

    That’s true. I used to love those chips and they don’t exist vegan-style! I’ve thought about starting a company whereby all I sell is hard-to-find vegan products. Haha. Just because it agitates me sometimes.

    Also, another one is vegan cottage cheese, though a restaurant here in Seattle makes it. They don’t sell it outside the restaurant, though.

  5. Marcy

    i hear ya – for me its vegan candy bars (esp. a snicker/3 musketeers or other “complicated layer” type aka “Aerated chocolate nougat with chocolate coating”….also butterfinger, caramello – and my main obsession in past, Charleston Chews), cadbury eggs, fried eggs/devilled eggs (didn’t normally have eggs, but as a treat i mean), and the mother of all why-can’t-i-get-it-vegan, the Saganaki (flaming Greek cheese dish, aka served at It’s Greek To Me growing up in Mpls). It’s really to make cover versions of exotically flavored cheeses, let alone a good flaming one. I don’t miss the taste overall of animal products – too many years vegan for that. I don’t actually want to eat egg or cream or whatev. I just want vegan versions, pref. that i can get premade or at a restaurant since i don’t normally have time or luck for cooking. (and i agree, vegan cottage cheese couldn’t be bad either.) i also wonder why more vegan bakeries don’t sell vegan german chocolate cake, but i digress. man this post made me hungry.

  6. Marcy

    typo – meant to write “it’s really hard to make cover versions…”

  7. Jesse

    You people are killing me. I’m in class and I’m soooo hungry and now I want chips. Oh dear.

  8. Mike

    They’re killing me too, Jesse. I’d kill (an onion) for vegan battered, deep-fried onion rings!

    I have been working to perfect the vegan “long john”. I’m not sure if that’s the most widely-used name for this poor-man’s eclair. It’s a raised doughnut, oblong shaped, filled with a sort of boston cream filling, and topped with chocolate. I would dearly love to have a vegan one. The filling is not too hard to figure out–it’s a lot like really thick vanilla pudding–but the chocolate topping is challenging. It’s not like melted chocolate at all. It’s more sugary than cholocately or fatty. Tricky!

    As for the vegan cottage cheese: how soon can I be there eating it?

  9. Kexet

    THERE IS!!!! IKEA does vegan sourcream and onion chips! at least in sweden. it’s like the best thing that ever happened to me.

  10. vegangirl

    I’m a new vegan…really gonna miss sour cream and onion chips :(

  11. Alison

    Earth Balance just came out with vegan sour cream and onion chips! Also cheddar flavored chips. Check out the Earth Balance website to find a store near you. :)

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