Pleasant Surprise


I just opened the freezer in my workplace’s kitchen and spotted a box of vegan veggie burgers.

And they weren’t mine.

The mind reels!

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  1. the vegan blog tracker

    At my work (filled with *very* omnivorous midwesterners), the last 5 years has seen soy milk enter the fridges and now it’s beating cow’s milk 2 to 1. Pretty cool, eh?

  2. girl least likely to

    holy smokes, that would make me SO happy. i’m very easily pleased.

  3. anke

    this is great. I was thrilled when I found out that there was another veg*n in my office.

  4. Marcy

    i’d just be psyched for another vegetarian. As opposed to the kind that says they are but eats fish and such.

  5. Gary

    Vicariously I share your happiness. I remember how my heart lept when soymilk first took up permanent residence in our company fridge. Was it unethical of me to move it to a slightly more prominent position?

  6. the vegan blog tracker

    Gary – nah, that’s not unethical… that’s being a crafty activist. :-)

  7. Elsha Dejong

    Im in college and so I’m not in the office setting yet, But in my dorm there are a bunch of vegans and I’m so excited because we always eat together. Although it is a bit challenging to find vegan or vegetarian items in the mess hall, a bunch of my friends parents send them veggie burgers etc. One of my friends even orders these cases of vegan entrees from this online company called Five Star Foodies. I think there called turkey rolls and you can order them off their website. They are scrumdiliumcious and we are addicted!!

  8. selina

    hmmmm,,,,very interesting.

    that happened to me with some vegan chikn patties. but i know who it was. one of my co-workers is lacto ovo.

  9. Abi

    That’s AWESOME! I love when stuff like that happens.

  10. Abi

    That’s awesome! I love when stuff like that happens!

  11. Vance

    I know this is only loosely connected, but on the theme of Pleasant Surprise and the spread/adoption of vegan foods, here’s a piece I did for my paper about finding a surprising number of vegan menu items in town in non-vegetarian restaurants.

  12. caroline

    That’s awesome. Whenever there are company-wide lunches at work, they never order any vegetarian/vegan food for the few of us; however, we got a mass email about the vegetarian option being offered during lent for the Catholics. hilarious!

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