The Receipt Project


You may remember way back in August 2006 when I posted about vegan artist Veronica Ibarra’s “Receipt Project” in which she was collecting food receipts from around the world in order to show the prevalence of animal consumption. All non-vegan products on submitted receipts were to be underlined, the full collection of receipts covering an entire room.

Well, Veronica finished the project earlier this year and exhibited at the Ni Musculos Ni secreciones (Neither Muscles nor Secretions) show in Madrid. It looks great — check out the photos and the artist’s statement about the piece. Great job, Veronica! (Be sure to check out her other work, as well.)

3 Responses to “The Receipt Project”

  1. bazu

    I love the idea of that work… that show definitely sounds like something to see in person. Too bad I’m not going to be in Spain any time soon. =(

  2. bazu

    Guess what the word verification for my last comment was: “girdles meat”…hmmmmm….!

  3. Hanna Honeypot

    I’m gonna visit Spain soon, cool! Do you know is it any chance to see Veronica again?

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