Catching Up on PR

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Over the past few weeks, I’ve gotten a number of e-mails from people or small companies looking to pimp their new vegan-friendly products. Rather than shill for each one individually, allow me to share a list of these products/sites that you may find interesting:


  • Veganomicon by Isa and Terry. If this is the only veg blog that you read, you may have missed every other one on the planet discussing the long-awaited new vegan bible from the PPK’s Mighty Isa and Terry (yes, the “M” is capitalized). The book is out now in a beautiful hardback edition. I’ve got my copy and am having a tough time deciding which recipes to try first. I know you’re going to buy this, so I’m not going to say any more.
  • Swanky Veg. A new site for “fashion conscious veggies,” hosted by Ali Berman, a former fashion model in New York and Paris. I’m about the least fashionable dude you’ll ever meet, but I’m glad sites like this exist. It makes veganism seem a little less weird to people.
  • Nava Atlas’ Vegan Thanksgiving. Nava’s awesome. As the holiday that tortures vegan souls across the country approaches, Nava makes life a little easier by sharing a bunch of Thanksgiving resources. She’s also got a new ebook titled Nava’s Thanksgiving Favorites, available for a mere $8.50. A good portion of the proceeds go to an anti-hunger organization called Share Our Strength. Good stuff.
  • Jinga Shoes. A couple of folks have created the first lightweight Brazilian shoe which are suitable for vegans. Tessa, one of the co-creators wrote that, “We have had our jingas approved by the Vegan Society as no animals were involved in any way or at any time were in involved in the making of our shoes, not even in the glue we used.” Nice!
  • ABBA® Pure Performance Hair CareTM. “A comprehensive range of 100% vegan cleansers, conditioners, treatment and styling products formulated with natural plant ingredients specifically to enhance performance, not in spite of it.” Never tried them (see above, re: fashion), but hey, it sounds good to me.
  • Artivist. Damn! I meant to promote this before the Nov. 8-11 showings in Hollywood. Well, if you’re in Lisbon or London, it’s still not too late to catch this great event that combines art and activism.