Kucinich TV on Animal Rights

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It’s kind of late notice, but you may want to check out Kucinich TV today, as Dennis will be hosting his “Dialogue for Democracy” with groups and individuals representing “the issues that mean a lot to you.”  Guests will include Melissa Etheridge who will discuss LGBTQ issues and Cindy Sheehan who will be discussing peace with Dennis.  Peace is good!

Of particular interest, though, is the first session, starting at 11:30am eastern, which focuses on animal rights.  Guests will be Alex Hershaft (FarmUSA), Alex Pacheco (All American Animals), Chris Derose (Last Chance for Animals), and Dr. Elliot Katz (In Defense of Animals). You can send your questions to [email protected]ch.us with your name, location, and phone number.

Hopefully they’ll have an archived version available to view afterwards.

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    they better have an archived version! ;o) thanks for the heads up!

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