Can I take just a moment to tell you that I love Newman’s Own Organics’ Hermits? For a packaged soft cookie, they’re mighty, mighty good.

5 Responses to “Hermits”

  1. girl least likely to

    *excitedly checks ingredients*

    *sees “raisins” in all three flavors*


  2. Hamlet

    For some reason I had it established in my mind that Newman’s Alphabet Arrowroot cookies were vegan until I read the ingredients last weekend and saw that it contained honey.

    Wish they would vegan-ize those, it’s not like you even taste the honey so they may as well ditch it as an ingredient.

  3. Sarah

    I’ve never seen these in Chico! Maybe I should move!

  4. Grace

    If only they did’t have wheatflour…

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