Go ahead, eat off the sidewalk


On Isa’s recommendation, I plunked down $2.50 for the new cookzine titled Don’t Eat Off the Sidewalk. It’s slim, with a few pages of introduction and 13 recipes, but here’s the thing… cookzines tend to have a really high percentage of really good recipes. When someone puts a cookzine together, it’s usually because they think, “Hey, I’ve got a bunch of great recipes. I should write ’em down and share them.” I imagine published cookbook authors thinking, “Hey, I’ve got a cookbook deal… I better create some new recipes!” With cookzines, you tend to get really good, well tested, familiar recipes. With cookbooks, you get more innovation, but also the occasional dish that doesn’t hit the mark.

Maybe I’m making all that up. The point is, don’t hesitate to pay a couple bucks for baker’s dozen recipes.

Katie is the mind behind Don’t Eat Off the Sidewalk (she turns 27 today — happy birthday, Katie!). She’s only been cooking for a few years, but it’s become her passion. Still, she likes to keep her recipes simple.

The three recipes we’ve tried so far have been resounding successes. We tried out the talked-up Tempeh Wingz when our friend Katherine came in town to visit a month or so ago. They were easy to make and combined with the simple sauce were just delicious. The spice was enough to provide a kick in the teeth, but not enough to actually knock any loose.

The Herbed Tomato Potato salad we served at two different birthday parties we had for our daughter. It’s a nice twist on the standard picnic staple and went over well with both crowds.

Last night we tried the Vegetable Fried Rice, a very simple and straightforward rendition of the classic take-out dish. It seriously hit the spot and is going to become a regular in our arsenal.

Other recipes I’m itching to try include a veganized Bob Evans Biscuit and a Chocolate Peanut Butter Pie. I plan to simply dive face first into the latter, manners be damned.

Katie’s finishing up the second issue as we speak. Can’t wait to see it.

9 Responses to “Go ahead, eat off the sidewalk”

  1. selina

    Those recipes all sound good. Thanks for the review!

  2. Katie

    Thanks! I did invent some new recipes for the second issue, but a lot were just ‘eh’ so I decided to go for quality over quantity and just leave them out. If I had to write a real cookbook and come up with 80+ recipes I would probably hyperventilate and cry.

  3. Heather

    I got a copy of this zine and I love it! I have made the banana nut muffins and the cornbread – amazing! Keep up the good work!

  4. Vegan_Noodle

    I think you are spot on about zines versus cookbooks. I have enjoyed my copy as well, I must make the tempeh wings! Can’t wait for the next issue as well…

  5. Marcy

    yargh! i went through the link above and only got the blog, i looked all over and no link to buy the cooking zine. and every link i found via google went to a non-existant purchase zine page on her site. what gives?

  6. molly

    Marcy, she’s temporarily sold out, so she took the page down. She’s just about done with the second issue, and when she is, she’ll print up more of the first at the same time.

  7. Marcy

    thanks molly, i appreciate the update. i started drooling looking at the descrips and was frantic at the thought of not eating such delicious food! esp. the “dive headfirst in” choco-PB pie, to which i would add “swim in a la scrooge mcduck”.

  8. bazu

    I bought this zine for the tempeh wings alone. I live in upstate NY, buffalo wings country, and it’s nice to have a vegan version to call my own. *happy sigh*

  9. Denise

    I popped over to Katie’s site and purchased the new issue. Thanks!
    Sad that the first edition is no longer available, would have loved to try that fried rice recipe, it looks yummy.

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